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Our clients
JungleJobs customer reviews
Alena, HR manager, KupiVip
At JungleJobs we can work with headhunters on different vacancies through the same window, which makes working with agents considerably easier.
Anastasia, Recruitment Excellence Manager, Danone
It is very convenient that JungleJobs is acting as an external procurement department to enable recruitment agencies to work on vacancies.
Risa, Hiring department head, Eldorado
JJ allows us to work with headhunters from all over Russia without thinking about contracts, which enables to find headhunters and recruitment agencies in both central regions and remote cities.
Ekaterina, HR manager, DeLaval
The JungleJobs team invited a professional agent for a very particular request from our company.
Yulia, HR manager, Strauss
JungleJobs headhunters are very result oriented, responsible, fast, honest and flexible in working with both clients and candidates.
Working with JungleJobs allows RedSys to efficiently manage the hiring process and quickly fill in urgent vacancies for key projects of the company.
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JungleJobs provides an opportunity to work with all headhunters and recruitment agencies nationwide in the same window. Without tenders and paper chase.
JungleJobs handles the entire routine. You can choose projects you find interesting and earn 3-5 times more than the average agency fee for each filled vacancy.
JungleJobs is a chance to work with the largest and famous companies on the market. You also don't have to waste time on finding customers - we have already done that for you.
How does it work?
The employer signs a contract and places vacancies
The employer signs a contract with JungleJobs and gains access to professional headhunters across the country – without long tenders and paper chase. The vacancy can now be published, the fee determined and the search for headhunters of different specialties can begin. The employer can hire as many headhunters as they want for one candidate.
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The headhunter responds to a project
The headhunter chooses interesting vacancies in fields in which they have experience, assesses potential reward and writes to the employer to indicate they want to work. After confirmation of the application, the headhunter begins the search for suitable candidates for the vacancy.
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The headhunter offers candidates
The headhunter sends CVs of candidates to the employer. The employer can evaluate candidates online and speak with the headhunter to specify requirements. If neither candidate is suitable, the employer can either block the headhunter for that project, or allow the headhunter to continue searching for candidates.
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The employer closes the vacancy and the headhunter receives their fee
Once the candidate passes a probation period, the headhunter receives their payment. JungleJobs only gets a 30% commission, the headhunter gets 70%, including taxes. That is 3-5 times more than the average agency fee.
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Our projects
OTC brand manager, Moscow
Company: international pharmaceutical company, produces original and generic drugs.
Unity developer, Moscow
Company: offering system – monetisation system for games, social networks and applications using advertising applications.
Mechanical engineer, Kaluga
Company: international manufacturer of tyres and auto parts.
Engineer for working with design organisations, Moscow
Company: international corporation, manufacturer of equipment in several sectors.
R&D director, Moscow
Company: leading developer and producer of professional solutions in hygiene, household chemicals and baby cosmetics.
iOS developer, Moscow
Company: proprietary mobile service developer.
Head of department of operations with federal networks
Company: one of the largest distributors of hand tools and equipment for the wood processing industry in the North-Western Federal District.
Python programmer, St Petersburg
Company: free contextual advertising automation service.
KAM Logistics, St Petersburg
Company: international manufacturer, one of the leading companies on alcoholic beverages.
Operations director, Moscow
Company: largest online retailer in the fashion industry.
Livestock breeding complex manager, Voronezh
Company: one of the leading agricutural holdings in Russia.
Financial director, Moscow
Company: a company which merges sports management, distribution of sports goods and management of sports arenas.
Occupational health and safety and environmental protection manager, Nizhny Novgorod
Company: international FMCG company, leading manufacturer of alcoholic beverages.
Territorial sales manager, Crimea
Company: European FMCG company, renowned manufacturer of dairy products and other food products.
KIP regional marketing manager, Samara
Company: global leader in manufacturing equipment for measuring pressure, temperature and level.
Success stories
Anastasia L., recruitment company, Nizhny Novgorod
I work as an agency representative. It is very convenient that I am able to work with entire teams and as a manager I can see and influence the process for each vacancy. We have projects in Volga region. We are able to work with major companies and large fees. We could have never reached that level of companies on our own. It didn’t work out right away, probably 3-4 projects. You simply have to find your own clients and adapt yourself to the client.
Sergey T., former employee of a federal recruitment agency, St Petersburg
I signed up at JJ in December 2015 because I was jobless. I thought it would be a temporary source of income and so I decided to try. It didn’t work out with the first and second project. The closed faster than I had thought. The third project gave me a clear understanding that this is a very cool tool and it brought me 415.000 in February 2016. Now 5 months later, I've made a total of 750.000 through JJ without any plans, managers, with flexible hours, but serious involvement in the work.
Maria R., freelancer, Ryazan
I started working on JJ in the autumn of 2015 when I was on maternity leave. Everything worked out right away. I made 1.2 million rubles in the first 2 months (I closed 5 vacancies) and the media reported it. I can honestly tell you I worked a lot, all day long as if I was sitting in the office. However it was worth it. JJ is now my portfolio of orders from good clients. I'm not scared to take cheap projects (less than 100-150 thousand) because they usually complete faster and more efficiently.
Ekaterina A., recruitment company employee, Moscow
I’m currently working for an agency and doing projects at JungleJobs at the same time. JungleJobs has privacy settings and I’m not worried my employer will know and get nervous about it. At JJ I work in the evenings and at weekends. I don't use the agency’s database because I’m mostly looking at LinkedIn and social networks. This is what worries most people. I can say the 330.000 I made in a couple of months on JJ turned out to be a pleasant supplement to my salary.
Liya K, former employee at a federal recruitment agency, Moscow
I’m really thrilled by the freedom that I have now. Yes, there is no stability (in the common understanding we are used to), but there is an opportunity to choose and a very clear correlation between how much I work and how much I earn. I have earned 288.000 and yes I choose only projects I want to do. If you want to make more, you can take easier and quicker projects.